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Our Vision

Our aim is to tell your story as truthfully and artfully as we can. We use a journalistic approach for a good amount of the day, so we are able to watch and record each moment as we see it to capture the moments that matter most. I know a good majority of clients are shy in front of the camera (I’m the worst!) so when the time comes to take couple photos I may ask you to move around, whisper to each other, dance… whatever feels natural will look natural. I have found that movement and planning these real moments like vow readings, prayers together, first view of one another etc. in front of the camera always results in true, natural looking beautiful photos. We are here to help you, it is a big day that can come with a lot of nerves. Your wedding is about joining your hearts and lives together for eternity, and we choose to not treat it as a photoshoot or a music video. We may not be for every couple and that is ok! We love and value our clients and the art that we are able to create together.


Our Heart

As a married couple, we know how important the journey is. We take capturing your wedding day very seriously as we know these are the photos that you and your children, and children’s children will inherit.

We are firstly artists. We became a business out of the necessity of life, but to me this isn’t work. It is a privilege! I do not take this privilege lightly as I pour my heart into every wedding or photo session. Your wedding day is a day that you will never forget, and the truth of the matter is that your vendors- at least your main vendors, are actually part of that day as well. I feel it is so important to choose people that you will feel not only confident that they will do a good job, but that will make you comfortable and put your mind at ease. We hope to do just that.

Not only do we want the best and smoothest wedding for you, we genuinely care about our clients and wish them the very best in life. We love to stay in touch and even offer a lifetime discount to past bride and grooms as incentive so we can see more of you! We love to get to know you and your story more and watch it grow as sometimes love tends to, multiplying in life’s sweetest form: children.

We are moved by love. We work with love and we care for your love!

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ajaccio corsica corse italy france wedding photographer europe destination photographe marriage photograph calvi bastia bonifacio sardinia.jpg

Our Mind

I, Krista am the main mind behind Anza Creative. I have been passionately making photographs for 15 years now, studying and pursuing the art of photography for all of my adult life. I have a continuous well of inspiration that I love to dig into daily. If I am not photographing weddings I am capturing the world around me, recording the ocean, creating images constructed by my mind.. or making plans for a photograph I wish to put to life.

It wasn’t until I met my husband that I opened my mind creatively to the world of love and weddings, and now I find myself more of a romantic than ever before. To hear so many true love stories, to see so many people in love and that have found their soul mate- awakened an entire new world of inspiration to me. You can guarantee that if we photograph your wedding that you will possess one of a kind photographs that are roused by your very own love.

My husband Thomas is a brilliant videographer, and when we work together photographing and filming- we inspire one another with the direction of capturing your wedding. I believe inspiration comes from everywhere. Music being a huge influence to me, I always love to hear what other people are listening to and discover new tunes. Feel free to follow our minds and ears as we drift from one breath of brilliance to the next. As our work is original, we will never copy photographs or films but are very open to mood boards, songs, poems, places and ideas that you would like to share with us. Let’s connect, inspire one another and capture some of that magic together!

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